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All the concrete batching plant for sale Philippines can be listes. However, the list can be too long and , therefore, we pick a few top batching plants which are listed below. It is important for you to note that these batching plants are not listed according to their market size.

  1. BGC Batching Plant
    BGC Batching Plant is a cement manufacturing plant that produces bulk lime, bulk cement, Burker Bags, Dry Mix bags among others. It has 110 tankers that enhance the delivery of slag, lime, and cement.

What is the location of the factories of BGC Batching Plant?
The company is headquartered at San Fernando City. Its operations are mainly based in Darwin, Dalwallinu, Exmouth, Kalgoorlie, Kununurra, and Esperance.
2 10K Concrete Mix Specialist Incorporated
10K Concrete Mix Specialist Incorporated is a cement manufacturing plant that provides its consumers with high quality and high strength ready-mix concrete. It uses a team of highly qualified skilled workers, engineers, and managers.

Where are the factories of 10K Concrete Mix Specialist Incorporated located?
It utilizes SPECO $ DAEWOO batching plants located at Tandang Sora Avenue extension. These plants have a capacity of producing 60 cubic meters and 210 cubic meters of ready-mix concrete per hour.

  1. Holcim Philippines, Inc.
    Holcim Philippines, Inc. is among the leading providers of building materials on the list of batching plants in the philippines. It is a cement manufacturing plant that helps both large constructors and homeowners to get products that meet their needs. It achieves this goal by providing several innovative construction solutions.
    Where are the cement manufacturing factories of Holcim located?
    Holcim’s cement manufacturing facilities are located in Davao, Misamis Oriental, Bulacan, and in La Union. These facilities are aggregate business and ready-mix facilities with a strong network of dealers. They are committed to manufacturing excellence and reliable operations.
  2. AM Oreta $ Co. BAtching Plant

AM Oreta $ Co. BAtching Plant is engaged in general engineering and contracting and has existed for than 70 years. It is a reputable company known for its efficiency, quality, and reliability.

What is the vision of AM Oreta $ Co. BAtching Plant

Its vision is to provide its clients with quality building and engineering services and products. Its mission is to develop loyal customers through the provision of excellent quality products and compliance with engineering standards.

  1. Supermix Redi Concrete, Inc.

Supermix Redi Concrete, Inc. is Headquartered at Rizai and is engaged in the production of concrete products.

  1. Double Dragon Batching Plant

The plant is located at EDSA Ext, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is among the leading companies in the production of concrete and concrete -related products in Europe. It operates in more than 110 countries. Its batching factories are more than 3000.

  1. Megawide Batching Plant

Megawide Batching Plant is located in Taguig City but also operates in in Rizal and Taytay. It has mobile batching plants that make it unique from other concrete batching plant manufacturers in Philippines. The mobile batching plants are operated at the Urban Deca Tondo and DoubleDragon Plaza projects.

Did you know that Megawide Batching Plant has other unique features that enhance its success?

The success of this company is facilitated by the existence of concrete laboratories that design mixes and recycling facilities that reduce wastage to zero.

  1. Marcbilt Construction Palipara

Marcbilt Construction Palipara is a road construction company located a Carmona, Cavite and owned by Manila Jockey Club. Its construction work entails both horizontal and vertical construction projects. It sells concrete Hollow Blacks (CHB) and Concrete Pipe (RCP), among other products. It is located in Kangkong.

  1. Megacem Concrete, Inc.

Megacem Concrete, Inc. is a cement dealer that has integrated its business with four subsidiary companies: Megacem Concrete, Megaman Powertrade, Megatransport, and Constructions, Inc. It has more than 300 employees and partners with the leading manufacturers of building materials in the Philippines. Its cement plants are located in Luzon.

  1. Ahnex Batching Plant

Ahnex Batching Plant is engaged in house construction, land construction, and other construction services besides supplying ready-mix concrete. It is also a supplier of precast concrete, a product that is prefabricated in factories.

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