Buy Self Loading Concrete Mixer in China – What Models Are Available?

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

A quality self loading concrete mixer is composed of many parts and must use high-quality brand parts. This company has been producing these mixers for years and has earned high praise from customers worldwide. All the parts in this machine are imported from Germany, Italy, and America, so you can rest assured that your mixer will be of high quality and reliable. Read on to learn about some of the main features of a quality self loading concrete mixer (самоходный бетоносмеситель с самозагрузкой).

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price Options
China Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price

DB X10

The DB X10 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer has a 1.0 m3 batch capacity and provides superior agility. Its compact design and front-wheel-drive makes it easy to maneuver and provides outstanding stability. Compared to manual mixers, this mixer has a wide range of features that make it a convenient choice for construction sites. In addition to its agility and efficiency, this mixer also offers excellent durability.

The DB X10 is equipped with an operator cabin installed on the left-hand side. Its cabin is equipped with ROPS/FOPS and ergonomic controls. It is designed to deliver a homogeneous mixture and a high-quality concrete. Its wheels are designed to navigate tough terrain. The mixer (бетономешалка с самозагрузкой) has high-resistance engineering tires for increased traction. DB X10 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

Schwing Stetter

Schwing Stetter India is a 100% subsidiary of a German company which manufactures heavy duty construction equipment. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and has production facilities at Gowribidanur and Doddaballapur in Karnataka. Founded in 1926, Schwing Stetter is an industry leader in concrete construction equipment. The company has a vast array of products including the CP30 batching plant, SP8800 concrete pump, and 10 Cub. truck mixer.

The company’s range of equipment includes a range of self loading concrete mixers and other types of equipment. Its range of products also includes Stationary & Truck-mounted Pumps and Separate Placing Booms. Its five manufacturing plants in Chennai produce 450 Self Loading Mixers every month. During this time, the company has also received numerous awards for its contribution to the concrete industry.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Cost
China Self Loading Concrete Mixer Cost


An AIMIX Self Loading Concrete mixer is a portable truck for mixing concrete. It features four wheels and can move anywhere. Its performance and price ratio are favorable. Its functions are also numerous. Aimix is a professional self loading concrete mixer truck supplier and manufacturer. The advantages of a self loading mixer truck are outlined below:

This machine is a versatile concrete mixer that can perform the functions of a traditional batching plant. Its design allows it to mix, load, transport, and discharge concrete to the desired location. Unlike a conventional batching plant, this machine has an easy to operate, low horsepower hydraulic system. This feature helps it produce high-quality concrete faster. Its adjustable speed and stirring capacity help it make the most efficient use of labor. Learn more:

Schwing Stetter India

The Schwing Stetter India self loading concrete mixer is made available in two variants – the basic and high-end models. The Schwing Stetter mixer is an industry leader, having won several awards for its contribution in the concrete industry. Ideal First Choice, a subsidiary of Schwing Stetter, distributes the mixer in India. However, the company lacks the dealer network of Ajax.

The company’s history dates back over 88 years. Founded in the early 1930s, Schwing Stetter has evolved into the world’s leading manufacturer of concrete construction machines. Schwing Stetter India Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company that supplies equipment to Sri Lanka, as well as more than 27 countries around the world. It is headquartered in Chennai, India, and manages five plants. Its latest addition is the self loading concrete mixer, which has a 4.5 cubic meter capacity.