Buying A Self Loading Mixer In Kenya

Are you searching for information on self loading mixer in Kenya? Do you know the most important parts of a self loading mixer? In this article, we are going to discuss the most important parts of a self loading mixer and the important parameters you need to consider in order to get the best value for your money when buying this machine.

The most important part of a concrete mixer in kenya is the chassis which provides support for the mixer and other components. A weak chassis will fail rather quickly and this is why, you need to make sure that the chassis is strong. It should also have a powerful engine in order to provide enough power for the machine to function. Another important part of this machine is the mixing drum which is driven by the engine. The quality of the drum is extremely important. It should be made from highest quality materials and should have a wear-resistant inner lining in order to have a long service life. These mixers are available in various capacities and it is recommended to choose a mixer with appropriate output as per your needs.

Since it is a self loading concrete mixer Kenya, you also need to pay attention to the hydraulic system which is used for discharging. The discharging speed needs to be quick in order for the construction operation to be efficient. The right mixer should also have a water supply system in order to keep the operation going. All the parts in a self loading mixer are controlled through an electronic control panel. In such machines, the control Panel is housed in a small cabin. The design of the control panel should be intuitive and the operator should be able to access all the buttons quickly and easily.

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer

In addition to the quality of the components, the reputation of the company also matters. When you start searching for companies offering this equipment, you need to take a close look at the reputation of the company in terms of quality of products made by them as well as their after sales service. Since a mixer is used for mixing abrasive materials, some components will need to be replaced frequently and this is where customer service plays an important role. You will need access to the right replacement components at affordable prices in order to keep your operation going. This is why, experts recommend buying from a company that has a local service office that is fully stocked. Check info here.

As far as the price is concerned, do not put too much emphasis on the price. You might need to pay more for highest quality equipment that is made from strong materials but a good quality piece of equipment will have a long service life and will provide you the best value for your money in the long run. Do not buy a jual concrete mixer only because it’s cheap as it will have a lower than expected service life and you will lose money not just on repairs but also due to unexpected downtime.

AS-4.0 Diesel Concrete Mixer

Overall, pay attention to the above mentioned tips in order to get the best value for your money when buying a self loading concrete mixer. Don’t focus too much on concrete mixer price in kenya. Instead, your focus should be on quality of the materials used for making machine as well as the after sales service provided by the company.