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Guide To Small Portable Asphalt Plants

If you need some advice and tips before you invest in a small portable asphalt plant, this guide will hopefully shed more light on this specific topic.

To begin with, the primary benefit of buying a portable, small asphalt plant is that it provides unrivaled convenience when it comes to moving this equipment from one site to the next. The compact size also means this equipment is the ideal choice for smaller projects whereby only small volumes of asphalt are required to fulfill all the requirements of your project.

It makes sense that many of the small-time contractors usually depend on local suppliers when needing asphalt. However, if your immediate requirements have started to increase, then it might be a better option to buy a small portable asphalt plant for sale of your own.

Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

The first consideration in this process is to decide on the type of production you are going to need. This question is not always the easiest to answer. For example, you might need around 3000 tons a day, while many of the small construction companies will probably require far less. This is why it is important to consider the output of the machines you are interested in buying since this will be one of the easier indications when it comes to what type of plant is right for you.

When it comes to pricing, expect to invest anything up to $150,000 for a complete portable asphalt plant that includes every feature that you might need. However, the mobile asphalt plant for sale may cost less when you buy one of the machines that produce smaller yields.

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Another key aspect of small portable asphalt plants includes the assembly of the plant. Even though these plants are smaller, they still require a certain level of assembly to get the mixing portable machinery up-and-running. Even the smallest asphalt mobile plants include key features like a fuel tank, a burner, a feeder bin, a conveyor, and the supporting legs that keep the entire rig intact. There is also a mixing and drying drum on one side that assists with aggregating all these feeders together. Click here for more information:

By now it should be clear that making the decision to buy your own portable, small asphalt plant is probably the correct move. This is especially true if you are a manufacturer of asphalt that has recently upgraded your services and you need to produce your own asphalt. If you once relied on an outside contractor to fulfill all your asphalt requirements, then taking your business to the next level by investing in one of these plants could be highly beneficial to you since it will significantly improve your workflow and productivity.

small asphalt mixing plant

The mini portable asphalt plants for sale are ideal for small to medium construction projects since these jobs typically don’t require high volumes of asphalt mixture. At the same time, portable mini asphalt plants combine the benefits of convenience and mobility. This allows you to work on different construction sites at the same time since these machines are easy to move.