How Much Does A 1200 Ton Travel Lift Actually Lift?

When you purchase a travel lift, you are typically getting one that is capable of lifting a certain amount of weight. Each one is designated by the amount of maximum weight that they are capable of lifting. It is possible, however, that they may be able to lift much more than that. People purchase a travel lift for the express purpose of moving the boat in and out of the water. It’s very common in areas where there could be hundreds of boats in a harbor. They are used in order to safely store away the boats while people are not there. Let’s go over how these work, and whether or not they can actually lift as much as they say, specifically looking at a 1200 ton travel lift.

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How Are They Able To Lift The Boat On The Water?

The reason that they are capable of lifting a boat up out of the water is that they use hydraulics, electric motors, and a very unique design. They are capable of getting underneath a boat by placing materials that are hooked up to a gantry crane that is able to lift the boat up. To do this, they need to be capable of going into the water and coming out of it, and that is why they are mobile. You can actually drive these, albeit not a very fast speed, on level ground in order to go into a designated area where boats can be extracted or delivered.

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Do These Actually Lift Their Designated Or Advertised Weight Limits?

When you are searching for a travel lift that can lift a boat that is 1200 tons, you would automatically assume that it is capable of doing so. In most cases, this is true. If it is not capable of doing so, it is either the result of false advertising, or there could be a problem with the device itself. It is more likely that if they are advertised to lift a certain amount of weight, they are capable of lifting slightly more. In some cases, this could be several times. This is designed to prevent the unnecessary collapse of the entire travel lift if the user has underestimated how much their boat actually ways.

Should You Get One That Is Advertised As Lifting More?

There are some people that would recommend getting a travel lift that can lift more than what their boat is purported to weigh. This is often a very good idea. If you do not have the power to lift a certain amount of weight, you could jeopardize the motor, the hydraulic system, and you could certainly collapse the integrity of the travel lift itself. The structure is designed with a specific amount of metal, designed to maintain a maximum amount of weight. If you exceed that, it could collapse. Therefore, it is always advantageous to spend a little bit more on a larger or more powerful travel lift just to make sure that it will always function.

Purchasing a travel lift is a very easy thing to accomplish. You simply look for industrial websites that are marketing these products. The advertisements will lead you directly to the companies that make them. You will then choose one based upon the amount of weight that your boat is said to be. If you go a little bit higher when choosing a travel lift, you can ensure that it will work properly and keep its integrity, even if your boat is a little bit heavier than you had anticipated.