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How To Build An Asphalt Plant

An asphalt plant is a facility used for the production of hot mix asphalt (HMA). It plays a crucial role in the construction industry by manufacturing the asphalt mixture required for road pavements. This essay will outline the steps involved in building an asphalt plant, focusing specifically on a drum mix asphalt plant.

drum mix asphalt plant

I. Preliminary Considerations

A. Site Selection:

1. Identify a suitable location with adequate space and accessibility.

2. Ensure compliance with local zoning regulations and environmental requirements.

B. Planning and Permits:

1. Develop a comprehensive project plan considering factors such as budget, timeline, and design specifications.

2. Obtain necessary permits and approvals from relevant authorities.

II. Design and Engineering

A. Process Flow:

1. Determine the desired production capacity and select appropriate hot mix asphalt plant accordingly.

2. Design a process flowchart that incorporates storage, drying, heating, mixing, and storage components.

B. Infrastructure and Utilities:

1. Prepare the site by leveling the ground and constructing a stable foundation.

2. Install necessary utilities such as power supply, water, and drainage systems.

asphal mixing plant in Indonesia has been installed

III. Components and Equipment Installation

A. Aggregate Handling

1. Set up aggregate storage bins, ensuring proper segregation of different sizes and types of aggregates.

2. Install conveyors and feeders to transport aggregates to the drying drum.

B. Drying and Heating System

1. Assemble the drying drum and connect it to the exhaust system.

2. Install the burner and establish proper fuel supply connections.

C. Mixing Unit

1. Set up the mixing unit (often a twin-shaft pugmill mixer) and connect it to the aggregate and asphalt binder supply.

2. Install necessary control systems and sensors for accurate mixing and temperature control.

D. Storage and Asphalt Supply

1. Construct storage silos for hot mix asphalt.

2. Install an asphalt binder storage tank and connect it to the mixing unit.

ALQ80 asphalt batching mixing plant

IV. Auxiliary Systems

A. Dust Collection

1. Install a dust collection system to minimize emissions from aggregate handling, drying, and mixing processes.

2. Integrate appropriate filters and fans to ensure efficient capture and containment of airborne particles.

B. Control Room and Automation

1. Set up a control room equipped with monitoring instruments and computer systems for process control.

2. Implement automation technology to optimize batch asphalt plant operation and maximize efficiency.

V. Testing and Commissioning

A. Quality Assurance

1. Perform thorough testing and inspection of all equipment and components.

2. Ensure compliance with industry standards and specifications for HMA production.

B. Training and Documentation

1. Train personnel on plant operation, maintenance, and safety procedures.

2. Develop comprehensive documentation, including operating manuals and maintenance schedules.


Building an asphalt plant, particularly a continuous type asphalt mixing plant, requires careful planning, engineering expertise, and adherence to regulatory requirements. By following the outlined steps, one can successfully construct a modern asphalt plant capable of producing high-quality hot mix asphalt. It is essential to prioritize environmental considerations throughout the construction process to minimize any potential negative impacts.