How To Choose A Wall Putty Making Machine

The wall putty making machine produces putty powder that is used in a variety of situations. The putty is used in a variety of manufacturing situations and it is often found in the building industry. This machine will produce huge amounts of putty in a short time. If you need to produce tons of putty, you need to invest in this machine so you can start producing putty right away.


The putty making machine is actually an entire production line that is made out of many parts. There is a feeding system, weighing system, storage system and more. There is even a packaging system for this machine. The dry mortar production line for sale will handle the entire process for you and it will quickly produce all of the putty you need.

dry mortar production line

If you are thinking about buying a putty production line you will need to think about how much putty you want to produce. The automatic machine can produce up to 100,000 tons of putty while the simple machine only produces up to 10,000 tons of putty.

The simple machine is used in smaller production enterprises while the automatic wall putty making machine is used in the biggest enterprises. The semi automatic machine is perfect for medium businesses. The first thing you will have to do is determine how many tons of putty you need to produce each day and this will determine the machine that you choose.

wall putty making machine

The simple and semi-automatic machine needs to have the raw materials fed into the feed port manually or with a forklift. Once the materials are in the machine they are transported into the mixer where they are mixed for 5 minutes.

How It Works

The mixer mixes the putty evenly and it is then sent to be packaged. The machine is easy on the environment and it has dust collectors that eliminate dust so the working environment is safe. You won’t have to worry about dust and debris getting out into the environment with this machine.

The machines can be expanded if your business grows which makes the putty machine a great investment in your business from Aimix Group. The machine is made out of quality parts and you have peace of mind knowing that all of the parts are built to last.

The plant mixes the putty fast and it comes out uniform each time. Another plus of the machine is that the materials are very cheap so you can produce a lot of putty for an affordable price. This machine is designed to take up a small amount of space and the compact size can fit into a lot of different areas.

If you need to make large amounts of putty you will want to invest in a production line so you can produce all of the putty you need for an affordable price. This production line is reliable and dependable. It can easily meet your production needs and it will help you make more money. Whether you choose a small production line or a large one, you will be able to make putty fast.