How To Work With A Mobile Concrete Pump To Transfer Concrete To A High Building

There are ways to work with a mobile concrete pump so you can get the concrete into a high building. It’s just a matter of making sure you have the right equipment and that you know what you’re doing. Here is some advice so you can use it to help when you have concrete to move around.

Concrete Conveying to Tall Building

If there is an elevator and the mobile concrete pump can be transported in that, then that’s one way to get it to where you need it up high in a building. Just make sure you measure out how much space you have and how big the concrete pump is so you can see if it’s going to work or not if you try to take it with you in an elevator. There may even be a larger elevator option in some buildings that you can use just for transporting your equipment.

concrete mixer pumps

It’s possible to bring a concrete mixer with pump with you up a few flights of stairs to get it into a high up building. If you’re going to go this route, be sure that you get enough help with it so you don’t accidentally drop and break it. This kind of equipment can be bulky and heavy in general so you may want to at least get one other person to help or more than that if needed. When transporting something up a few flights of stairs, be sure to take breaks if anyone gets tired so dropping the concrete pump doesn’t happen.

Usage of Mobile Concrete Pump

You can rig up a pump to have concrete flowing through pipes that go up into a building. When you are working with a lot of concrete in a high building, it may be wise to just find a way to route the concrete up into the building through a series of different lengths of pipe.

mobile concrete pump

Just make sure that if you do this, you make sure the concrete flows quickly enough through the system you build. If the concrete takes too long to be transported from one area to the next, it can be harder to work with when it finally makes its way to its destination. There are concrete pumping machines that are mobile and that have everything needed to get concrete from one place to the next. Mobile options, however, are generally more expensive than if you were to get a stationary pump.

This is because it takes a bit of engineering to get everything into a small concrete pump that you can move between areas without too much of an issue. This means that you need to look into what this costs before you decide to go this route so you know if it’s realistic to obtain a mobile pump or if it’s better to rent one.


Now is the time to work with a mobile concrete pump so you can get concrete transferred from one place to another. It’s smart to take your time with this so you can do it right. Just use what you learned above and you should be able to do the job well.