What Are the Applications of a Ready Mix Concrete Plant?

Anyone who works in the construction industry understands the value of concrete. It’s no surprise that this composite material is used to build highways, bridges, skyscrapers, and a variety of other structures all around the world. This is because it is a sturdy long-lasting material capable of withstanding some of nature’s most powerful forces.

Well, as time goes on, people are finding more ways of improving the efficiency of concrete. Nowadays, to improve its quality and consistency in building sturdy civil works, ready mix concrete is being used. It is prepared using a ready mix concrete plant. Here are the basics of ready mix concrete and its applications.

Ready Mix Concrete Plant Applications
Ready Mix Concrete Plant Applications

What Is Ready Mix Concrete, and How Does It Work?

Ready mix concrete is a form of concrete that is prepared according to client specifications in a batch factory before being transported to a job site and used right away. The requested amounts of aggregates, cement, and water are mixed offsite using ready mix concrete plants(planta de concreto premezclado). As such, you only buy the concrete volumes that you need and get the exact consistency you’d like.

How Is Ready Mix Concrete Made?

In a ready-mix concrete plant, water and cement are mixed to make a paste, which is then applied to the aggregates (such as rocks and sand) to coat and bind them together, resulting in the concrete mass. To develop a lasting product with the proper level of workability, these proportions must be carefully balanced. In most cases, the cement will be batch-produced in a plant before being mixed on the job site.

What’s the Difference Between Ready Mix and Regular Concrete?

The main difference between ready mix concrete and regular concrete is the place where it’s mixed. Ready-mix concrete is mixed off-site and delivered to the job site in a dedicated vehicle while regular concrete(planta de concreto en venta) is mixed on-site. Ready-mix concrete provides for better quality control and a faster turnaround time.

Ready-Mix Concrete Batch Plants

This is a machine that is used to prepare ready mix concrete. The process begins with mixing the dry ingredients after which they are disposed of into a concrete transport truck. Here, water is added to the materials that were blended using a ready-mix concrete batch facility. This prepares the concrete for use in the manufacturing process. This mixing takes place as the truck travels to the job site.

When using ready-mix concrete, people have 3 choices:

• During transit, the concrete mixer can be spun slowly inside the drum, then the speed of the mixing drum can be raised for five minutes to prepare the mixture.
• The concrete mixture can be mixed at the mixing yard and then transported to the construction site gently stirred.
• During transit, the concrete mixture can be spun at a medium speed inside the drum to ensure that it is completely mixed by the time it arrives at its destination.

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Mobile Concrete Plant
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

What are the Different applications of a ready mix concrete plant?

Ready-mix concrete is usually used in projects that need high-quality concrete. These include civil engineering projects, retaining walls, bridges, foundations, road developments, walls, and many others. The strength and convenience of ready mix concrete can assist any sort of construction that demands a long-lasting material.

When modest quantities of concrete or intermittent concrete placement are required, ready-mixed concrete is particularly advantageous. Ready-mixed concrete plants(AJ-90 Planta Concreto) are therefore advantageous in:

• Construction projects that demand long-lasting material
• Projects that require consistency
• Contractors that regularly handle remote projects that need to move at a fast speed
• Large projects when space is restricted and a mixing plant and aggregate stockpiles are not feasible.

That said, if you’re undertaking a construction project that falls in either category, reach out! We have the highest quality of ready mix concrete plants!