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What You Need To Know About The Jaw Crusher Working Principle

There are different types of crushing equipment used in the gravel, sand, rock or mineral processing industries. The type of crushers you need, whether cone, jaw, gyratory or impact, depends on your site, type of product and the total output required. The individual construction and capabilities of an individual crusher determine your processing operations.

Types Of Jaw Crushers Machine
Types Of Jaw Crushers Machine

For instance, you can install multiple crushers in all stations in a circuit to ensure an overall material reduction in every station. Each type of crusher provides numerous benefits and strengths to the whole process. Here, we will focus on compression-style jaw crushers often used in the primary stage.

What Is A Jaw Crusher Used For?

It is also referred to as a rock breaker because of the brute force used in the equipment. As mentioned, jaw crushers are used as primary equipment because they break the toughest, largest and hardest materials. As such, they provide manageable pieces that can be further reduced using different types of reduction equipment.

Some of the advantages of jaw crushers include the following.

•They can be used on different types of materials such as hard granite, reclaimed asphalt pavement and many more. They rarely display any wear and tear since they are specifically manufactured for these jobs.

What Is A Jaw Crusher Used For?
What Is A Jaw Crusher Used For?

•Jaw crushers are considered more efficient compared to gyratory crushers.

•Also, they typically output the ultimate fine materials required for the job as well as dust.

Note that, jaw crushers are smaller in size so they can be used in tight spaces such as mobile crushing applications, underground mining and many more areas where other primary crushers might not fit.

Types Of Jaw Crushers Machine

They have been in use for the last 200 years and have become technologically advanced over the years to ensure maximum durability and improved movement to increase operational speed and reduce choking. Here are the different types of jaw crushers available in the market.

•Double Toggle – They are used for crushing hard and abrasive rocks or sticky feeds. They have high energy efficiency and have an overhead pivot design to reduce wear and tear on the faces.

•Single Toggle – More compact and runs faster. Single toggle jaw crushers are more popular because of how fast they work. However, they experience more wear and tear but the spare parts are available and economical for effortless replacement.

What’s The Jaw Crusher Working Principle?

As mentioned, jaw crushers reduce large rocks or other materials using a compression action. The breaking surface is a fixed jaw which is mounted in a V-shaped alignment. There’s a movable swing jaw that exerts the necessary force on the feed material by pushing it against the stationary plate.

The space found at the bottom of the V-aligned jaw plates works as the output gap to dictate the size of the crushed product resulting from the compression action. As such, the material will remain grasped in the jaws until it is small enough to pass through the gap.

Jaw crushers are part and parcel of most construction and mining projects. Find the best jaw crusher to ensure maximum efficiency and fine output from your project.