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Working Operations Of A Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

The proper use of a continuous asphalt mixing plant is to ensure that the material does not solidify. Once the bitumen, aggregate material, and other components are added, it needs to be kept in a liquid state. That’s why the working operations of one of these plants is so crucial, not only for the combination of these components, but maintaining them so they can be used. Asphalt plants can be both stationary and mobile. In both cases, the way that they will operate is the key to whether or not they will be beneficial for a business.

How Asphalt Mixing Plants Work

Similar to how a continuous asphalt mixing plant works, the initial part of this plant is the combination of the different components. The primary differences between the two is that one must superheat the material, specifically the bitumen, whereas the concrete plant is using water and cement to create the fluid material. The asphalt plant can also be very large, and will have different capacities. Capacities are measured based upon the plant capacity, mixer capacity, and also the overall output of the asphalt that will be made.

Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale
Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

How Are These Set Up?

These are going to start with bins that contain materials that will be transferred into the main mixing plant. There will be a heating element, the place where the bitumen will be liquefied at a high temperature. Once everything is mixed, it will then be stored in bins that are heated. It is the combination of cold aggregate bins, the rotary dryer, bucket elevator, and the screening and grading areas that contribute to the overall process. The most important components tend to be the hot bins, the hopper, the mixer, and the collector. If everything is working in order, it will allow the production of asphalt to be flawless.

Continuous Asphalt Plant Manufacturer
Continuous Asphalt Plant

How Long Does It Take To Make The Asphalt?

The mixing of the asphalt is relatively simple. The time it takes to combine the materials, liquefy everything, and store it, can usually be done in under an hour. The hea ting element or hot bins can liquefied the bitumen within seconds, but it is the mixing process, and the delivery to the storage area, which takes up the remainder of the time. Overall, thousands of gallons of asphalt can be produced by the largest asphalt plants in the industry, and if you are able to get them from the right companies, they will be inexpensive and highly productive.

Acquiring continuous asphalt mixing plants is very easy to do. The primary problem that people have is locating one that is both affordable and reliable. Overseas businesses will have a wider selection of affordable units, especially those that are highly rated for their efficiency levels. If you are in need of a new one, or you would like to purchase one out right, you now know what to look for and where to begin your search for the best continuous asphalt mixing plant sold today that is likely to be at an affordable cost.