Concrete Pumps For South Africa Based Construction Businesses

Manual concrete pouring is a very labor-intensive process. Using the method can add weeks to the length of a construction project unless a large workforce is hired. As a result, more and more construction firms in South Africa are now investing in the latest automatic concrete pumping devices. With such devices, construction firms can benefit from increased production rates and reduced labor costs. Therefore, it not hard to see why the popularity of the devices has risen dramatically over the decades; especially as concrete pump prices have become more competitive.

A ready mix máy bơm bê tông tĩnh uses a negative pressure system to automatically move concrete through a pipe at a continuous rate. Most models are fitted with an S valve, so the flow can be controlled by operators. Such pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications including building construction, bridge building, road building, and tunnel construction. They can decrease project timescale for multi-level building jobs significantly, as with a boom pump, concrete can be pumped vertically.

Concrete Mixer Pump

When it comes to buying concrete pumps for sale in South Africa based customers need to note that there are lots of different models for sale with varying parameters. Some of the key technical specifications to note when comparing concrete pumps from different manufacturers include theoretical pumping capacity, hopper capacity, feeding height, maximum distributing depth, maximum disturbing height, remote control range, length of tail hose, front tread and diameter of conveying pipe. Sales representatives from top-rated suppliers can help you to understand the importance of additional technical specifications for different machines. Expert buying advice is recommended when investing in commercial industrial concrete pumping equipment for your construction firm.

Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump South Africa

Diesel trailer concrete pumps are particularly popular in South Africa for construction projects in areas with less reliable electricity sources. While mobile concrete pumps have lower capacities than stationary models, their portability is an attractive feature. They also do not take up as much operating space as boom concrete pump for sale, so they are ideal for building jobs in restricted spaces.

Portable Drum Mixer Pump

Mini concrete mixer pumps are popular because of their affordability. Construction firms that don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in concrete mixing and pumping equipment are especially likely to be drawn to such machines. They are must suitable for small construction projects in rural areas and the construction of building with a maximum of six stories. The vertical height limitation of mini concrete mixer pumps is around 100 meters, while the horizontal pumping distance limitation is around 150 go 300 meters. The best models have reverse pumping features, which are needed to remove any blockages and prevent pipe failure. Learn more pump details here.

concrete pump mixer for sale

Global Recognized Suppliers

One of the key benefits to souring trailer concrete pump equipment from global brand manufacturers is that it is generally easier to obtain spare parts. Moreover, such manufacturers tend to supply machines that have better interchangeability, which means they can be easily upgraded and modified using generic components. Most suppliers have worldwide distribution networks, so it should not be hard to source a concrete pump South Africa.