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The Cost Of An Asphalt Mixing Plant

There are several factors that affect the cost of an asphalt mixing plant. You obviously need to be aware of these factors if you are planning to start your own asphalt production business. Keep in mind that it is a capital intensive business which means you should be ready to spend quite a bit of money to establish and operate this plant.

You should also understand that profitability is never a guarantee in this business as there is a lot of competition and if you’re not careful, you might not be able to meet the challenges of this business. Here is a list of some of the important things you should know about the cost of building and operating an asphalt mixing plant (асфальтный завод).

The Cost Of An Asphalt Mixing Plant
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Type of mixing plant

Broadly, all the mixing plants can be categorized into drum mix type and batch mix type. A drum mix plant is also known as a continuous processing plant. As the name implies, this design is best suited to continuous production where a similar type of mix needs to be prepared in huge quantities.

This type of plant can be operated continuously for several days at a stretch. The design of the continuous or drum mix plant is simple as compared to a batch type plant.

A batch type plant makes sense where different specification mixes need to be prepared regularly. As far as the price is concerned, a batch type plant tends to be much more expensive as compared to a continuous type plant.

Plant configuration

These plants are sold in both stationary and portable configurations. A portable plant (мобильный асфальтный завод) is one that can be easily uprooted and transported to another location. A stationary plant can also be shifted but it takes a lot more time and isn’t designed to be portable. Both these types have their advantages in particular use cases.

The choice between these two depends on the demand in your region.

If you are active in a region where a typical project size does not demand the erection of a stationary plant, it would be better to invest in a portable plant. On the other hand, if you are in a region where there is a constant requirement of asphalt, it would make financial sense to invest in a stationary asphalt mixing plant.

As far as the cost of an asphalt plant is concerned, a portable plant is more expensive as compared to a stationary plant with a similar processing capacity. Learn more:

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant
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Size of components

The cost of an asphalt plant is also affected by the size of various components including the fuel oil tank, storage silos and various other components. The processing capacity of the plant obviously has the biggest effect on its cost.

There are plants that are capable of producing up to 400 tons of asphalt mix in an hour whereas there are also units that can produce only up to 100 tons of hot mix in an hour.

If you are able to sell only a thousand tons per day, it doesn’t make sense for you to pay for the much more expensive unit capable of producing up to 400 tons. This is why you need to analyze your market to arrive at the optimal processing capacity for your plant.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are some of the important things you need to keep in mind to arrive at the final cost of an asphalt hot mix plant. Keep in mind that you should choose a plant based on its price, quality of components, the reputation of the manufacturer (like company AIMIX), after sales service and type that is best for your needs to get the best return on your substantial investment.