Top Tips for Buying Mini Concrete Batching Plants

If you are looking for a low-cost mini concrete batching plant, then you should be prepared to shop around, and consider carefully whether you want to buy (мини бетонный завод купить) or lease a plant, and whether you want one new or if a used one would be suitable for you.

Mini Concrete Batching Plant
Mini Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Concrete batching plants are used on construction sites all over the country. Mini plants are useful for areas where it is hard to get a full-sized plant, or for where the output capacity of the batching plant is not so important. Mini concrete batching plants can be powered by electricity or diesel power, and are ideal for batching up small amounts of concrete in an environment where you do not want the plant to be running for 24 hours a day.

There are a number of mobile plants, including volumetric plants that can be used to produce a reliable amount of concrete on-demand, and bin-fed plants that are easy to transport and essentially ‘fully automatic’.

You Get What You Pay For

With batching plants, you will get what you pay for. If you are a smaller contractor and you don’t have engineers to service your equipment you should consider the warranty and service agreement that comes with the batching plant you buy. Many companies will offer 24-hour helplines and mobile on-call engineers that will come to you if your plant has a problem. This could be the difference between your plant being out of service for days, throwing off the whole project, or an evening repair that will let you get back to work without too much lost time.

Mini Concrete Batching Plant from China
China Mini Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Buy Or Lease?

Prices for plants can vary massively depending on the brand you buy. There are some popular makes such as KIMERA, SAMI and AIMIX that make affordable mixers and batching plants in Europe and China, and these are a good choice if you want reliability and have a preference for units that were made in a specific country. There are also some less well-known brands that are made in other countries, and that are often cheaper; not necessarily because the plants themselves are lower quality, but because they cannot offer the same after-sales service. You are getting budget imports that are bare-bones but will do the job if you are able to take good care of them.

Most mini concrete batching plants are similar in terms of how they are operated, so finding staff that can use them is unlikely to be a major issue. The main things that will affect affordability are delivery, after sales care, and payment schemes or credit terms.

It could be that for small to medium sized projects you would be better off leasing than buying. However, if you use concrete batching plants a lot in your day to day work buying does make sense. Look back over the projects you have run in the last year and consider how much you really do need one. Buying is often a good long-term investment once your business is stable. Aimix (in China) is a good choice.