Types of Jib Cranes: What Will Work Best For You

There are several types of jib cranes. In this article, we’ll discuss the Wall-travelling type, Class E jib crane, and Aicrane jib crane. You can also read about their different features. Read on to learn more about these popular types of jib cranes. Then, decide which one is right for your needs. This will help you get started with your new jib crane purchase.

pillar jib crane
pillar jib crane

Wall-Travelling Jib Cranes

Wall-travelling jib crane are a versatile material handling equipment which provides long lateral movement. This type of crane does not interfere with large overhead cranes, which increases overall plant productivity. A wall-travelling jib crane(grúa pluma mural) has forged steel double-flanged crane wheels and a squirrel cage motor. It can handle various types of loads, from heavy and bulky to light and compact.

The lifting capacity of this type of jib crane ranges from 0.5 tons to 10 tons, but this can be customized. Its working duty is A3. These types of cranes are suitable for various industries, including metallurgy, automotive, glass, shipbuilding, chemical, and machinery industries. These versatile equipment can be placed in different workstations in order to improve productivity.

Adjustable Height Jib Crane

The adjustable height jib crane has various advantages. They are versatile, easy to use, and smooth to operate. They can fit any soda with ease. Adjustable height jib cranes(gruas de pluma giratoria) are highly versatile and useful for a wide variety of industries. They also minimize the need for human labor and reduce the possibility of confusion when working. Additionally, they can move 360 degrees and are wall-mounted. Here are some benefits of adjustable height jib cranes:

– A jib crane’s span is the horizontal beam of the overall jib. The hoist is attached to the beam and moves along it. The span starts at eight feet and can reach as high as twenty feet. Jib cranes with an adjustable height have a fixed or adjustable beam, and their booms can be adjusted to accommodate any height. However, the frequency of lift will affect the jib’s roof load and flange loading.

5T Wall Traveling Jib Crane For Sale
5T Wall Traveling Jib Crane For Sale

Class E Jib Crane

A Class E jib crane is equipped with a variety of features. These features include a 360 degree motorized rotation jib crane, an aluminum jib, complete electrics, and a manual swing. A Class E magnet crane is installed at a customer’s facility and is being load tested. Its performance will be evaluated by a qualified crane operator during operation. It is a must-have for any construction project. Visit: https://aicrane.cl/grua-pescante-radial/

Despite their versatility, Class E jib cranes are not recommended for dangerous applications. They’re designed for smooth operation and high functionality. They’re versatile enough to fit any type of soda without difficulty. They can be used in a variety of industries and can supplement large overhead cranes. They’re easy to maintain and increase safety. Because jib cranes are able to turn 360 degrees, they’re useful for any number of jobs, including warehouses, offices, and factories.

Aicrane Jib Crane

The Aicrane jib crane range is designed to be flexible and easy to use. The company has a wide selection of jib cranes, from simple to highly-specialized models. These cranes are available in free-standing pillar and wall-mounted models.

An Aicrane jib crane manual explains the features and limitations of the product. It contains information on the intended use, technical characteristics, and installation and maintenance. The manual is intended for factory supervisors and staff who handle the equipment. It also includes information for jib crane operators. Ensure that the manual is always in good condition, and make sure to follow any recommended maintenance procedures. When the manual becomes obsolete, you can always request for a replacement by quoting the code on the manual.