What Are The Top Factors That Will Affect The Price Of A Concrete Mixing Machine In Malaysia

If you have just landed a huge construction contract and are looking to acquire a concrete mixer in Malaysia, one of the biggest things that you may be wondering is how much capital outlay you will need to own one of these machines. In the article below, the discussion will feature some of the top factors that will affect the cost of a concrete mixer machine.

self-loading mixer machine1. The Type of Plant

There are different types of concrete mixer plants in the market. Each type of machine usually has different levels of efficiency depending on the design. For example, in the market, you will find self-loading concrete mixing machines, single-host, and double-host mixing machines as well as stationery and trailer-mounted mixing machines. Note that the different mixing machines available in the market come at varying costs because each usually comes with different designs and features.

2. The Brand

There are many different brands of concrete mixing plants produced by different local and foreign manufacturers. Though the different brands of concrete mixing plants that you will find in the market will often perform the same tasks, different manufacturers often charge different prices for their brands. When you are shopping for a concrete mixer in Malysia, you will quickly find out that renowned and reputable brands often come at a heftier price.

JZR350 drum concrete mixer machine3. The Source of the Concrete Mixing Machine

When buying a mini concrete mixer Malaysia, you can either choose to acquire your desired machine locally or import it from a foreign manufacturer/retailer. In most cases, you will often find that buying a mixing machine from a local dealer will be less expensive than importing a new machine. If you choose to import a concrete mixing machine, the overall costs of purchase will increase given that you will have to pay for shipping and customs fees.

4. The Type of Energy Used to Fuel the Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixing plants can either be powered by fuel or by electric power. The cost of buying this machine will be affected by the type of fuel that it is designed to use.

When determining the type of mixing machine to buy based on the energy it will use when operating, you should be guided by the location where you will be using the gadget. For example, if you will be using the machine in an area that is connected to the power grid, you should buy a machine that is powered by liquid fuel such as diesel.

self-loading concrete mixer malaysia5. The Load Capacity of the Mixer

Different types of mixers tend to have different load capacities. The load capacity of a concrete mixing plant usually has a great impact on productivity and workflow at a construction site. When buying a concrete mixing plant in Malaysia, you should remember that; The bigger the load capacity of a mixer, the higher the purchase price.

Another factor that will also affect the concrete mixer price Malaysia is the number of hours that it can be in continuous operation. Machines that are designed to offer service for a longer period of time typically tend to cost more than machines that have to be switched for after being used for some time.